Getting the most from your onboard electronics

If you’ve recently purchased a vessel, you may may be feeling a bit daunted by the complexity of the systems onboard.  Even for experienced people, it can take some time to work out what switches need to be on in order for everything to function correctly.  Perhaps this is your first boat with an autopilot or radar or AIS and you are unfamiliar with their use.  Green Marine can help.

We can meet you on your boat and show you how to operate your onboard electronics.  A couple of hours is all it takes and is a worthwhile investment especially when you consider that some packages cost over $10,000 and are not being utilized to their full extent.

We’re happy to spend time with you on the water and help you to get the best from your system.  We have many years experience in product demonstration and will work with you at your own pace.  Most clients really enjoy this time and come away feeling much more confident.


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