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Barquero (H28)

Barquero - new paint job 5

We own a 35 y.o. H28.  Starting off in New Zealand she travelled back and forth to Australia several times before settling into a cruising pattern up and down the east coast of Australia.  Now berthed at Kettering (TAS) she doesn’t travel as far as she use to.

Although older vessels are often cheaper there is a need to start replacing old gear as it comes to end of life.  In our case most of the tech and electrical wiring were way past that point!   We were blowing fuses every time we plugged a device into the 12volt power point and never new the reason why.

Green Marine were able to assess our system and make recommendations on the best way forward.  In our case they identified that our 2 heavy duty batteries (while in great condition) were not being utilised properly.  also, much of Barquero’s wiring had been hacked or modified over the years leading to an inbalance in the way electricity was distributed around the vessel.  Add to this all of the open joints that were coroding in the salt air and its any wonder we had power at all!

Matt from Green Marine replaced our switchboard and internal wiring system.  He aligned all electrical functions to different fuses on the switchboard according to an energy management plan that he drafted.  He was also more than happy to answer questions related to some of the onboard tech that we had installed previously.

We could not recommend these guys highly enough.

John & Angelica Anderson

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